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Rental Terms & Conditions | Dynamic Displays on Demand

Rental Terms & Conditions

Rental Agreement
Dynamic Displays On Demand

Renters are responsible for any properties that are damaged while in their possession. Renter agrees to use care in use and handling of the rented item(s) and keep the item(s) in good condition. The reasonable cost of repairing any damage to the rented item(s), including but not limited to fabric tears, stains, burns, and missing or damaged framework, shall be billed to the renter to restore the damaged property to its pre-rental condition. All damage should be noted on returning paperwork.

Dynamic should be notified immediately at 888-743-0851 if any rental items arrive damaged.

Indoor Use
Rental items are for indoor use only unless specified otherwise.

Late Fees
If items are not received back at Dynamic Displays on Demand within 5 business days of the Ship Back Date, the renter will be charged a late fee of 20% of the full replacement value of the rental property per week following the Ship Back Date.

Replacement Value
The renter’s credit card will be charged the full replacement value for any items that have not been returned to Dynamic Displays on Demand within 30 days following the Ship Back Date.

All rented items remain the property of Dynamic Displays on Demand’s exhibit management client or Dynamic Displays & Graphics.

Rental Period
The rental period is noted on your order and begins when the item is shipped to you and ends on the Ship Back Date.

Additional Charges
All shipping costs, drayage charges, electrical service orders, or other show services are the sole responsibility of the Renter. Any such charges billed to Dynamic Displays on Demand will be subject to a 20% service charge and billed to Renter’s credit card.

Return Shipping
Rental items are shipped from Dynamic Displays 801 North Market St. Chattanooga, TN 37405 Return all rental items to this address. Return shipping labels are included in all rental shipments for this purpose.